[Morinaga Ramune] The dance of a monk on Koyasan that suddenly begins.

From Morinaga(confectionery company),A “prayer dance for pass the exam” in collaboration with Morinaga Ramune and a priest of Koyasan in Wakayama Prefecture was delivered, and the priest Takashin Takiyama (Koyasan Religious Dance Master) who is also active as an active dancer and students of Koyasan High School Is appearing.

Koyasan Honzan(head temple) is surrounded by a very quiet atmosphere, and the music suddenly plays and the monks start dancing, which is a cool image with a gap.
By the way, there is also making at the bottom of this page, but it shows how high school students tried hard to practice and shoot.

That’s why it has already ended, but it seems that until January 4th, there was a campaign to win the “passing prayer ramune” that prayed for passing in Koyasan, and I visited Koyasan Eko-In again to pray for passing. It seems that a “passing prayer ramune” was given to the students.

By the way, Morinaga Ramune is 90% glucose, so it may be a perfect candy for taking an examination where you have to move your brain. It’s delicious, so if you put one, two, three … or carton of ramune on your desk, you may be able to make progress in your studies.

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