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Bringing water to our children’s future.


In Japan, May 5 is Children’s Day, and Suntory’s corporate commercial #素晴らしい過去になろう(“#Let’s be in the wonderful past”) was released.
The rain that fell today will become natural water in 20 years, which is about the time it takes a small child to become an adult.
Suntory is working to deliver water to the future.

summary(Japanese (language))

こどもの日 は、未来の日。

#素晴らしい過去になろう #サントリー

#素晴らしい過去になろう(2022年こどもの日)」篇 60秒 サントリー企業広告

#素晴らしい過去になろう」 それは、「未来を想い、今動き出そう」という掛け声。
子どもたちのために、今を生きる大人たちが 「今できること」を見つけて行動するきっかけとなりますように。

#素晴らしい過去になろう」篇 60秒 サントリー企業広告

So, it takes more than 20 years for rain to become natural water, but do you know how it becomes natural water?
Suntory’s “How Natural Water is Produced” page explains that, roughly speaking, water from the ocean evaporates and becomes rain, which then falls on forests and passes through geological strata to become natural water.
In order to deliver natural water to the future, I think it is important to protect nature such as oceans and forests, and we have to think about what we can do.

So, for more information, please visit the special site linked at the bottom of this page!

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