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Dancing at all Hanshin Electric Railway stations.

Hanshin Electric Railway has released a PR dance video “Hanshin Electric Railway in Our Town” featuring dancers dancing at all 51 stations along the Hanshin Railway line.
The music is composed by “LIKALIFE,” a solo unit of Kobe singer-songwriter maco, and the scenery of the 51 stations must be familiar to those who live along the train line. The video is a very cheerful PR video that you can’t help but watch.




When I first saw this video, I wondered if it was a composite because the dancers’ connection was so consistent even in the scene where the scenery changes at each station, but I was told that it was filmed by getting off at each station.

By the way, as you can see in the summary statement (in Japanese), there is also a lecture video…

Dance Lecture Video


Maybe it is my motor skills, or the level of the lecture video is too high, or both, but I don’t think I can imitate it… I wonder if I can do it if I practice all the time during my vacation.

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