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I want to eat Hiyamugi. 

Have you ever heard of somen or hiyamugi?
These are both essential Japanese summer noodles, served cold and dipped in a soy sauce-flavored broth.
When we Japanese eat them, we feel the arrival of summer.

And a new commercial “Somen Mood” for Ibo Noito, famous for its hiyamugi (wheat noodles), has been distributed and features Rikako Yagi.
The video is a little bit summery, with her riding on a bicycle and feeling a sudden craving for hiyamugi, or listening to a long lecture and feeling a sudden craving for somen.

The difference between “somen” and “hiyamugi” is said to be the thickness of the noodle: less than 1.3 mm is somen, more than 1.3 mm and less than 1.7 mm is hiyamugi, and more than that is “udon”.
Incidentally, to distinguish hiyamugi from somen, hiyamugi is said to contain colored noodles.

So, in addition to the videos that are currently available, there are two more videos.
I am looking forward to seeing them as they are released sequentially.

So, for more information, please visit the official website linked at the bottom of this page!


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