Summer Break Memories.

From Marukome,A new commercial for Marukome Ryoutei no Aji <taste of Traditional restrant> “Summer Break Memories” has been delivered, and it is very nostalgic for our feel.

A girl of about elementary school goes to her grandma’s house during the summer vacation, makes tofu at her grandma’s house, makes miso soup, and when she becomes a grandma, she serves her grandchildren with handmade tofu and miso soup …・ It’s such a heartwarming story.

By the way the TV commercial for Marukome is playing on the TV at Grandma’s house, but it hasn’t changed since long ago. It seems that everyone who has seen commercials can sing.
Somehow, I miss summer, I want to eat miso soup, or I want to go back to the countryside where cicadas squeak loudly.
It was an animation that made me feel the warmth of family ties that never changed.